Valorising waste heat for enhanced energy efficiency

The HEATLEAP project aims to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of waste heat recovery systems such as large heat pumps in energy intensive industries and gas expanders in utilities by testing these technologies at real scale. The project is funded under the LIFE programme of the European Union.


Energy efficiency
goes up
go down
Energy bills
go down
Industry more competitive
Surrounding districts enjoy sustainable heat

Large Heat Pump

A large heat pump (5-7 MWth) will be installed to recover large amounts of available waste heat. The waste heat will be valorised and distributed via a district heating system.

Monitoring system

A monitoring system will collect and process data in order to evaluate the environmental benefits such as a reduction in emissions and air pollution.

Gas Expander

A small size modular gas expander will be installed to generate electricity from reducing gas pressure in the network pipeline.

Business model

New business models will be tested and adopted for waste heat recovery solutions in energy intensive industries.


European industry produces a lot of heat for its processes. After these processes, the heat is often wasted into the atmosphere without reusing it as a powerful energy source. By capturing, canalising and reusing waste heat, energy intensive industries can become much more efficient, competitive and climate friendly. Currently, it is difficult to capture and use low-grade waste heat (temperatures lower than 70 °C) with conventional technologies. The HEATLEAP project wants to demonstrate the latest innovation in low-grade waste heat to further increase energy efficiency and emission savings.

The industry
is changing.

Environmental and Economic Benefits of Waste Heat Recovery Systems

The project is funded under the LIFE programme.

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action created in 1992. The current funding period 2014-2020 has a budget of €3.4 billion.

Environment sub-programme

Funds for nature conservation and biodiversity, environment and resource efficiency, environmental governance and information

Climate action sub-programme

Funds for climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, climate governance and information

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