A lot of benefits.

Environmental benefits

Waste heat recovery reduces greenhouse gases GHG and harmful emissions such as Sox and NOx. It will help stop global warming and improve air quality. The project aims to reduce 5.750 ton of CO2 by recovering 22.000 MWhth per year into the production process, and by generating 2.000 MWhel per year.

Energy security

Waste heat recovery reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and provides a reliable source of heat for surrounding buildings.

Socio-economic benefits

Waste heat recovery will make the European steel industry more competitive and supply citizens with waste heat via district heating. Steel is one of the backbone industries in Europe. The European steel sector directly provides 330.000 highly-skilled jobs and through indirect and induced effects supports up to 2.2 employees.

European policy objectives

Waste heat recovery is a crucial solution for Europe to achieve its climate and energy goals.