CSMT, which stands for Multi-sector Technology Services Centre, is a Technology Transfer Centre based in Brescia (Italy), one of the most developed industrial areas in Lombardy region, whose mission is to bring innovation into applications by combining the most qualified academic know-how with concrete industrial needs and abilities.

The mission is to provide high-level technical consultancy to companies that need to increase their skills in order to face new competitive challenges with proper know-how. Applied Research and customized training are the main activities that CSMT offers to different industries of northern Italy.

Role in project

CSMT, as the main Research & Technology Transfer center operating in Brescia and one of the most important player in Lombardy, will be a key partner to ensure either the validation of technologies, the scalability and the project replicability. CSMT will capitalize the experience accumulated in the EE-Metal H2020 funded project and will set up proactive contacts with all relevant clients and potential users where dedicated energy audits and assessment will be carried out according with methods and tools, to identify “hotsposts” and propose custom solution based on the proposed technologies. CSMT will also take an active role in the organization of events related with HEATLEAP as well as in the dissemination, communication and networking activities.

Website : www.csmt.it