RINA Consulting – CSM is a private innovation centre with extensive experiences in the development and application of innovative processes and materials. The innovation capacity of CSM (which stands for Materials Development Centre) is based on its own know-how, developed during more than fifty years of industrial projects on steel, metals and ceramic, power generation, transport and defence. An important field of interest is energy and the environment, in which CSM exploits the knowledge it has developed on processes and technologies for high and medium temperature treatments. Today CSM is part of the RINA Group.

Role in project

Within Heat Leap Project RINA Consulting – CSM is mainly involved in project replicability and transfer. In particular, RINA Consulting – CSM is in charge of the design and replicability of novel Business Models. Moreover, RINA Consulting – CSM will support ORI Martin in permitting activities and TURBODEN in the development of the replication plan and replication action.

Website : www.rina.org